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Tonight, an important chapter of American television history comes to a close: Jon Stewart will be saying goodbye to the audience of "The Daily Show" with an hour-long special. The 52-year old comedian has been the host of the program for over 16 years, filming more than 2,600 episodes.

Stewart's half-hour satire show was broadcast four times a week on cable channel Comedy Central and was widely considered one of the most influential political programs in the United States. The set and the structure of the show mimic those of a news program. Thematically, "The Daily Show" resorted to biting satire of American politics and political reporting, focusing in particular on the faults of the 24-hour-news networks.

The liver in the body of American discourse

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" - the official title of the program since Stewart took over in 1999 - drew in an audience of about 2 million Americans per episode on television, and millions of viewers from around the world online. The show won the most coveted award in American television, the Emmy, 20 times.

Many see Stewart, who started his career as a stand-up comedian in the early 1990s, as one of the most important figures in American political broadcasting. The 52-year old not only mocked political events and news programs, he also analyzed and contextualized them.

James Poniewozik, television critic for "Time" magazine, has declared him

"the liver in the body of American civil discourse." Stewart, he said, has been "a media filter that absorbs a torrent filled with toxins - in this case, politics, punditry and sensationalism - and passes it through in a form that you can safely tolerate."

Jon Stewart with Barack Obama during his last visit at The Daily Show in July of this year. (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Obama made his last visit to "The Daily Show" in July

Stewart's bread and butter has been making fun of right-wing news networks and conservative politicians. Among the favorite targets of "The Daily Show" are the conservative network Fox News, right-wing populist movements like the Tea Party and Republican hardliners such as Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and Paul Ryan.

The comedian said in a CNN interview that while most would probably consider him a Democrat, he considers himself "more of a socialist or an independent." But his mockery is not exclusively reserved for the right-wing. He relentlessly poked fun at the deeply flawed implementation of President Barack Obama's health care reform and CNN, once saying that CNN was likely run by just "a roomful of angry chimps."

Stewart has interviewed many prestigious guests on "The Daily Show." The comedian talked not just with Hollywood actors and pop stars, but also activists such as Nobel Peace price winner Malala Yousafzai as well as authors, journalists and political icons.

High-profile guests included former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf, former US Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and Obama, who - despite the criticism for how his administration handled the health care reform - visited "The Daily Show" three times, for the last time in late July.

The format of "The Daily Show" was copied across the globe: The weekly German satire news show "heute-show" borrows heavily from "The Daily Show," as do programs in the Netherlands, Iraq and Egypt.

The future: Less Fox News, more Buzzfeed

After Stewart's departure,

comedian Trevor Noah will take over as host of "The Daily Show," as announced by Comedy Central in March. The 30-year old South African had joined the program as a correspondent only four months earlier.

At an event hosted for the Television Critics Association,

Noah revealed last week that he planned on changing the show's set "a tiny bit," and that he wants to focus less on the blunders of 24-hour news networks such as Fox News and more on the problems of online journalism. Noah's debut episode will air on September 28.

T-Bones introduces dining for dogs - The Union Leader

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To boost the opportunity involving seeing the comment posted here as well as revealed within the New Hampshire Union Leader:

Note: Feedback would be the opinion in the respective poster and never of the publisher. An animal lover, Boucher mentioned he showed up with all the idea while on the trip in Washington, D.C., and also visited a cafe or even restaurant there that offered both seating for customers with dogs plus a dog menu.

The menu features many items which resemble "people food," made with ingredients that will feel from ease for dogs' digestive systems.

"Most individuals are extremely respectful -- they will not carry the loud, barking dog," he said. Just 1 dog is permitted per table, visitors must tidy up after their animals, dogs must be kept on the leash as well as off furniture, and additionally the restaurant reserves the right for you to ask a party to go away if their particular dog can be getting disruptive, according to the menu.

Great New Hampshire Restaurants chief executive officer stated he's not necessarily mindful of some other restaurants in the state in which supply a new menu regarding dogs. "People which adore his or her dogs tend to be fanatics, so in which they enjoy becoming able to bring his or her dogs and dine outside along with them."

"The consumers are content that they're able to dine using their dogs, and whom doesn't want to hold back on happy customers?" Boucher said

The staff from T-Bones features embraced their customers of the furry variety.

Boucher said the restaurant will take care to become able to make specific that guests dining with human-only events aren't bothered from the dogs. A Range Of backpacks are named right after Boucher's very own dogs, from your Bonzy Burger -- the one-quarter pound sirloin patty topped using American cheese -- for you to Boo's Bacon Place Bites, cheese wrapped in bacon, plus a "Bones & Cones" ice cream dessert. "People use widespread sense."

For more information upon Tails about the Terrace, call 641-6100 or visit

"People that enjoy dogs say, 'You've have got to go to Bedford T-Bones,' since we treat (dogs) actually well," he said. Menu items range from $2.99 in order to $5.99 and are pertaining to dogs only, the particular menu states.

"I believed it was the particular coolest factor ever," he said, adding that he came up with the menu on his flight home.

BEDFORD -- Dog lovers now have a selection for dining in your area that will not call for these phones depart his or her four-legged buddy from home.

The Bedford location associated with T-Bones great American Eatery, a component of the actual Bedford-based Excellent New Hampshire Restaurants group, offers introduced "Tails around the Terrace" -- an region involving its patio reserved regarding patrons together with dogs, which includes a unique menu featuring canine-friendly dishes.

T-Bones' canine-friendly atmosphere continues for you to be a new hit using customers, Boucher said.

"I like the satire and also I just similar to the undeniable fact that he's often shooting along the sacred cows," says your 47-year-old Tennessee native.

"I'm Jewish along with Jews manage your media," he says. "Let me listen to you are usually making some noise!!!!"

The one hundred giddy audience members on the shoebox-sized group of the particular The Actual Day-to-day Show with Jon Stewart are usually greater than happy to oblige because they scream, wave, yelp along with pump their particular fists inside wide-eyed delight.

"Show more enthusiasm," he shouts for the crowd like a disc jockey named Rocky spins deafening heavy metal jams. Older, Wall Street-type guys in suits as well as ties. As Well As when the display aired are living following the first presidential debate, an impressive 2.4 million viewers tuned inside - the most inside the show's eight-year history.

I see youthful females inside eye-catching low-riders. "In his satire he demonstrates for you to you just how the particular media, too as public officials, mold the way in which we think and the particular way they distort truths or even lie."

Joan Hervey, who lives within Plainsfield, N.J., says your woman waited ten months to get your ex tickets right after purchasing them last winter. That is the cause why viewership is up 25 percent from now final year. Nevertheless ahead involving the crowd could head for the exits, a new production guy begins whispering within Stewart's ear. a tiny blue awning which simply says The Actual Every Day Display along with Jon Stewart is actually the just real hint that the real TV present studio exists inside. you know, anyone get a couple of children which can end up being discovered in having a few drinks inside 'em.

Whenever Stewart, looking extremely Ted Koppel-like in a darkish suit, gray shirt and also striped tie, walks in stage, the audience is an acronym along with cheers wildly.

"Anyone who has to utilize your restroom please range up within front," McGee says in the whispery, thick-as-mustard Noo Yawk accent.

Here will come an announcement. I hope you brought a sandwich."

Stewart, involving course, can be kidding.

"We have got 1 additional factor to complete because I did something wrong," Stewart says sadly. He's extremely insecure."

It's 6:30 p.m. The few Every Day Show fans get discovered that out the actual tough method more than the years. Right now he's hooked. "I have simply no idea everything you just said."

An Additional person really desires to know why the particular letters on the TeleprompTer are usually thus big.

The Particular guest regarding this night's taping will be Fox Information commentator Bill O'Reilly. Fox news Star during a commercial break that he usually finds him "interesting as well as surprising."

at the time, I'm positive Stewart couldn't know how prophetic these words would be. Stewart rolls his eyes.

"He's kinda sexy," your 32-year-old Reisinger says, smiling devilishly.

It's 7:30 p.m.

but Paul Mercurio, the show's hyper warm-up man, isn't impressed. In The Actual course Of the particular week in the Republican National Convention, Your daily Display averaged 1.4 million viewers. Stewartsheepishly pretends to not know what every 1 involving the fuss will be about.

"I've had to straighten folks out once they discover they aren't obtaining in," he says matter-of-factly. "And I'm tired of your shams.

Most Dale wants to accomplish today is actually "absorb along with learn."

Right After chatting using O'Reilly with regards to every thing in the war within Iraq in order to bongs in the green room, Stewart tells Mr. Your show can be more than as well as Stewart thanks everybody with regard to coming. Your show, however, is a few weeks before Reilly will be accused of sexual harassment by method of a female producer at Fox News. I understand McGee may be the particular head security guy since the days when snarky Craig Kilborn ran your place.

Studio creating unimposing

It's simple to miss Your Every Day Show's West 54th Street headquarters/studio - the mere 4 blocks via my outdated high school, through the way - because it's inside a new nondescript, two-story, burgundy-brick building. John Kerry yukked it up along with Stewart throughout August. - 10 minutes prior to Mr.

"Upper lip, sweetie, upper lip," Abrahams says to one woman. "Don't help make me damage anyone inside the actual studio."

Mastering from a master

back inside which raucous studio, I'm sitting next to some bald guy named Dale. Fake Newsman emerges for you to say hello towards the crowd, sit powering the anchor desk as well as host what is now TV's most favored - as well as funniest - satirical information program. Jon Stewart will be one of the particular smartest folks about TV and his awesome commentators and also writers tend to be astute and really brilliant."

Whilst Kristin Reisinger also thinks Stewart is smart, the lady appreciates his other attributes as well.

"I don't care for this program as well as I don't watch it," he says sternly. "Please have got my back."

Along With only a short while just before taping, Stewart takes a few questions from the audience. Occasionally these people find in and begin acting up, go inside the restroom and do some blow.

Frances Helen Guest, 79, continues to end up being able to be to The Particular Every Day Display twice along with agrees together with everything Stewart says. Folks are generally currently needs to line up. Yet I catch 'em and also just take proper treatment of it."

Appeals to any or all ages

If there is virtually any doubt about Stewart's broad-based appeal, it's upon full display today. He won't tell me his last name.

I wonder how a audience for the demonstrate has changed more than the years.

He says he likes Stewart's comedic point involving view.

"I can't study and in addition the demonstrate is performed phonetically," Stewart responds lightning fast. the kids today are usually interested in politics compared in order to they accustomed to be."

McGee looks like a no-nonsense type of guy you don't want to mess with.

Stewart acts as if he's intimidated from the big, bad O'Reilly.

Pertaining To now, however, the group is assigned to Mercurio. Yet don't stare. "He can really discover by means of things and also a number of the shams that will we're getting fed," she says. That Will indicates Mercurio's time is up.

one woman talks concerning the joys involving blogging. I can say for certain he's 30, through Vancouver along along with a stand-up comic.

As Well As that's not surprising originating from TV's savviest lampooner. "It'll only just take a couple of hours.

Subsequent question.

"Sounds like a crack problem," he says. Whenever he spots the conservatively dressed older man, for instance, Mercurio cracks, "How about a hand for (Gilligan Island's) Thurston Howell III."

He then continues on to poke entertaining with Puerto Ricans, attorneys, nuns, an overly excited guy from Uruguay and even Stewart.

"I believed these people didn't similar to me," your woman says.

"Jon can be a bit (guy)," Mercurio sniffs.

like how?

"I'd rather not necessarily talk about it, nevertheless they've been taken treatment of. He admits he by absolutely no means been aware of Stewart's demonstrate until his students advised him about it. I discover one lady inside a wheelchair and two women journalists from Germany. I want somebody to see a couple of of the issues I see and also Jon will which with regard to me."

David Mulkins teaches secondary school social studies in Ny City.

"He doesn't just tell jokes," Dale says. I observe hip Gen-Xers in $200 camera cellphones along with kindly looking grandmothers who is really able to keep within mind when Jack Paar hosted The Particular Tonight Display as well as movie tickets price $1. He's tall and balding.

"In the particular beginning, it employed to become older people," he says. His eyes dart about any lot, consequently you know he doesn't miss a new trick.

Your Woman adds that will no one must even consider asking for a picture together with Stewart or even an autograph from him. "This is a great way for me to start out my birthday weekend."

In about twenty minutes in order to 6, Terri Abrahams, The Particular Every Day Show's brassy audience coordinator, comes out to inform everyone they can not use cellphones, pagers or flash photography as soon as inside the particular studio. No one trekked for you to The Particular Day-to-day Show's midtown Manhattan studios to determine several unknown warm-up guy. I want a little truth for you to come out.

without established period regarding time of time associated with cue cards or a script, Stewart can what only really gifted performers are capable regarding doing - feel swiftly and become funny. . "Today it's more as well as much less people between 18 for you to 34.

Your crowd groans disapprovingly.

someone asks Stewart why he co-wrote the bestselling America (The Book): Any Citizen's guide to end up being able to Democracy Inaction, the faux government textbook. "But I never forgot concerning it. "Once you get inside, you won't end up being in a new position to go."

McGee looks such as an interesting character. "There's substance as to end up being able to the he's talking about."

Can Dale believe he could be the subsequent Jon Stewart?

"In my dreams," he says, laughing. It's within individuals fleeting moments where you acquire a fantastic appreciation regarding just why is Stewart and his display thus popular.

"He's much larger compared to me," he says. Vice presidential nominee John Edwards, pertaining to instance, usedStewart's Emmy-winning demonstrate to announce his candidacy. As Well As Sen. "It's crass along with puerile."

Yet we most know nothing could potentially be farther from the truth.

With Regard To the particular twenty or consequently fans waiting early, Jack McGee, the show's head associated with security, offers an extremely important message.

It's two hours prior to showtime upon this wonderfully balmy fall afternoon.

Amazingly, The Particular daily Display is now an integral venue regarding vote-hungry politicians. "You can kick his a--.

Comedy Central's Day-to-day Display will become the hot button show of your divisive political season.

30 Rock, it's not.

"I've just missed one week since I've been here," McGee says proudly. "I need you for you to definitely blow the roof off this joint."

It's 6:20 p.m